irr. app. (ext.)
Cosmic Superimposition CD

Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $14.00

"Cosmic Superimposition is the second installment to a planned trilogy of irr. app. (ext.) productions that draw from the philosophical ruminations of Wilhelm Reich. The first album in this trilogy is Ozeanische Gefühle, which had been published by The Helen Scarsdale Agency back in 2004. This earlier album is a majestic convergence of a multiplicity of crepuscular sounds and shadowy drones. Using this strategy of dynamic confluence, irr. app. (ext.) presents Cosmic Superimposition to once again infer a particular slant upon Reichian logic. The title of this album is also a title to one of Reich’s treatises upon a cosmological interconnectivity. In particular for this book, Reich argued how the superimposition of multiple energies (whether that be meteorological, astrophysical, psychological, sexual, or what not) is the common functioning principle throughout the natural world.

On the single 45 minute track that comprises Cosmis Superimposition, irr. app. (ext.) presents a revolving set of organic fluctuations that wax and wane in accordance to a well-tuned internal logic. Glassine ambient passages of processed environmental noise slide into the sustained harmonics of bowed metals which in turn couples with the off-kilter phase pattern of an exhaust fan whose motor is not quite properly aligned. All the while gurgles from streams, clatter from subterranean actions, singing bowl reverberations, and dark elliptical cycles of blackened electronics pock the stately progressions of Cosmic Superimposition’s dronemusik foundation. Yet, none of these elements shatter the spiraling atmosphere of the contemplative, occasionally melancholia album which parallels the spectral sounds of The Hafler Trio, Organum, and Christoph Heemann.

The principle designer for irr. app. (ext.) is one M.S. Waldron, who has toiled at his craft in the foothills of California for well over a decade and has produced a brilliant discography of sidereal collage and drone parataxis. Recently, Waldron has found himself in the grasp of Nurse With Wound as one of the auxiliary sound alchemists for Steven Stapleton’s forays into live productions. He has also worked with the Icelandic electro-absurdists Stilluppsteypa and the damaged minstrels from Fawn Fables." -- Helen Scarsdale