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Fosil Sangiran is the pseudonym for Seattle polymath Matt Shoemaker (1974-2017). The two recordings that have been uncovered from his archives under this moniker were recorded during a lengthy sabbatical in Java, Indonesia between 2012 and 2013. Though these works both operate very clearly within Shoemaker's aesthetic, he choose to operate under this moniker to provide a clarifying distance from what he believed to be his commonplace birth name. Sangiran refers to the UNESCO world heritage site in Indonesia where numerous archeological discoveries have been made providing insight into the understanding of early human development. It's an apt metaphor to his churning arrays of psychotropic sound design, which give the allusion of being distressed from aeons of jungle rot. Pre-orders accepted by clicking on the album covers below.

Fosil Sangiran
Pasar Fosil // Cassette / Digital
release date : May 18, 2018

Fosil Sangiran
Khayal Kuno // Cassette / Digital
release date : May 18, 2018

Recently published:

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project August 53rd // LP / Digital
Continuing their post-industrial dialectics through their "songs of enhanced decay and faked resurrection," the Fossil Aerosol Mining Project has been quietly producing such works since the '80s with a uniform brilliance in the exquisite reconstruction of exhumed cassette tapes and moldering 35mm film stock. August 53rd harbors the rich enigmas of distressed sound collages found in the work of likeminded artists such as Philip Jeck, Felicia Atkinson, and of course Fossil Aerosol's occasional collaborators :zoviet*france:.

Connector // Cassette / Digital
Stelzer/Murray is the duo of Brendan Murray and Howard Stelzer, two stalwarts of the Boston noise / experimental scene over the past two decades. Through destroyed tape and long-view compositional strategies, the two manifest an irradiated, almost Kirlian glow through Connector's slow accretions and erosions amidst the soaring crescendos of compacted tone and vacant shadows of mechanical thrum.

Ekin Fil
Inflame OST // Cassette / Digital
Istanbul's drone-pop producer Ekin Fil turns her sites to the big screen for the first soundtrack in her impressive catalogue of recordings. Less informed by the retro-garde aesthetics of Carpenter and Argento, the spectral electronics of Inflame's soundtack finds its neighbors in the skeletal sprawl of Raime and the darker ambient propositions sponsored by Posh Isolation.

Kate Carr The Story Surrounds Us // Cassette / Digital
Australian Kate Carr melds the exquisite details of her field recordings with an ephemeral approach to the song. Emblematic of her work is a gentle dislocation between the environmental sounds and her drone-dub ellipses of somnambulant melody. Look to Carla dal Forno, Alan Lamb and those moments of clarity in the shapeshifting ethos from Jewelled Antler for neighboring sounds to Carr's chimerical compositions.

Fossil Aerorol Mining Project
The Unlistening Place // CD
Fossil Aerosol Mining Project are an enigmatic lot, comprised of sonic archeologists residing the American Midwest. Their work spans several decades and is almost always in flux through the variable states of contextual re-investigation and technological degradation. Aesthetically, FAMP align with the post-industrial research of :zoviet*france:, Cranioclast and Robert Turman.

and later...

Ekin Fil Maps LP
Alice Kemp : LP
She Spreads Sorrow : LP
Francisco Meirino Instability LP
Kate Carr : LP
Bloom Offering : LP

On tour:

Bloom Offering
June 8, 2018 : Seattle // Kame House (with Granite Mask, New Forest, Cavernous)
June 19, 2018 : Seattle // Highline (with The Body, Lingua Ignota, Lye Feast)
August 2, 2018 : Seattle // Black Lodge (with Planning For Burial, Drowse, Nostalgist)

Kate Carr
July 25, 2018 : London // Cafe Oto
more information here

Ekin Fil
June 1, 2018 : Innsbruck, Austria // Heart Of Noise Festival
more information here

Richard Garet
June 3, 2018 : Long Island City, New York // Wind Mill Community Garden
Quadraphonic concert
more information here

Jim Haynes
July 29, 2018 : Oakland // Elbo Room Jack London (with Anenzephalia and Thoabath)
more information here

Alice Kemp on tour with Dave Phillips
May 25, 2018 : Hamburg // Hörbar
May 26, 2018 : Hannover // Kino Sprengel
May 27, 2018 : Berlin // Ausland
more information here

Francisco Meirino
June 8, 2018 : Paris // Eglise Saint-Merry part of the Spectres de l’audible symposium
more information here

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