The Wardrobe
Cups In Cupboard
All Questions

Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $16.00

On Cups In Cupboard, Andrew Liles joins Tony Wakeford for their first outing as The Wardrobe. The album finds Liles adopting a disquieting sensibility to match Wakeford's death-folk credo. The two waltz through sampled constructions of baroque woodwinds and creaking ballroom melodies that resemble Philip Jeck's manifestation of ghostly antiquity minus the tricknological flares. An eerie fog settles in the looping structures that Wakeford and Liles produce, broken by an urgent surge of acoustic guitar chords reflecting Wakeford's balladry in Sol Invictus. Even without Wakeford's neo-pagan lyrics, his song-based interludes acquire a heroic Nitzchean demeanor which counterpoints the album's dust and shadow. Very nice indeed!