Toy Bizarre
kdi dctb 122 [f]
Taâlem 3" CD-R

Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $8.00

I suppose I could ask Cédric Peyronnet what the "kdi dctb" stands for, as every one of his compositions begin with those seven letters followed by a number that indicates where it is in the compositional ledger. Here, Peyronnet (aka Toy Bizarre) is up to 122 in his ongoing series of manipulated field recordings collaged with subtle electrical gestures. The concept behind the piece is of the sounds surrounding a particular village in France. The village in question is La Pommerie, St Setiers, although I really don't think it matters which one it is; unless you have such a trained ear as to be able to discern the mineral content of the rocks tricled over by a verdant stream. Rumors persist that some have this ability; but I've never met anyone with such talents. But I digress. Chattering finches, a sodden thunderstorm, a constantly shuffled microphones through wet leaves, and some distant undisclosed explosions rippling through the soil comprise the sources for this 19 minute composition. Amidst some simple transitions in and out of these sounds, Peyronnet introduces a shimmering electrical drone of ring modulated frequencies vibrating against each other, creating something that almost sounds like an electronic equivalent one of Harry Bertoia's sound sculptures cascading in polyphonous decay.