Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $16.00

Surfacedrift is the impressive debut album for Melbourne's Eamon Sprod who has adopted the moniker Tarab for his explorations of field recordings coupled with found object improvisation. Each of the four lengthy tracks maps out a psychogeography through sound, specifying the intimate details of these environments and accentuating the pre-existing natural elements with sympathetic textures performed by Sprod. Most of the time, Sprod's hand which can be heard rustling leaves or dragging objects through gravel is perfectly attuned to the natural settings, as to render his own scrablings almost indistinguishable from his recordings of wind violently creaking door hinges, waves lapping at coastal boulders, and rainwater spewing out of a clogged gutter. Where the boundaries between what is natural and performative are elusive at best on Surfacedrift, Sprod's compositional wandering through his complex spaces recalls intuitive collaging of material found in Francisco Lopez' epic La Selva and Chris Watson's Weather Report.