Colin Andrew Sheffield
First Thus
Elevator Bath CD

Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $14.00

This has been a record that has lulled the Agency asleep on many a sunny afternoon, as Colin Andrew Sheffield has produced a wonderful, opiated drone album flickering with the mirages of '60s electronische production, the still drama of Eno's classic ambient period, and a post-Chain Reaction smear of digital synthesis. The title refers to "a phrase used by book sellers, publishers, collectors, etc. to describe a book which may be considered a first edition and/or first printing, but which has been available previously in a slightly different form. A true first edition is the original, first printing of a given book, while a first thus is the first printing of a new version of that book. This classification can come about for any number of reasons, though often times it has to do with a new translation of a particular work, the involvement of a new (different) publisher, or with a new forward or introduction..." Sheffield applies this notion through an appropriation of "commercially available recordings." What those records are, he doesn't say; and there's nothing recognizable about any of the sounds to pinpoint a voice other than Sheffield's. His sound is a billowy production of
soft focus drones, creeping about like a slow moving fog. If I had a to guess, Sheffield arrived at these sounds through a prodigious use of time-stretching, as half melodies and stuttered rhythms seems to emerge from the thick amounts of echo and reverb. Really, a very compelling album.