Raionbashi / Stefan Roigk & Daniela Fromberg
Senufo Editions LP

Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $20.00

Here's another well curated split release of dread-laden collage featuring the Schimpfluch associate Daniel Löwenbrück aka Raionbashi. His piece creeps along with the deep resonant tones from a gong, accompanied by a scraped monotone chorus of atonal strings and unsettled spasms that seem to announce the demise of some poor soul choking the corner on his own vomit. The sick-out factor aside, Löwenbrück's construction is quite refined in its steady build in sonic density, resulting in something not to far from Nurse With Wound's Homotopy To Marie. The Berlin multimedia artists Roigk and Fromberg reverse windswept field recordings upon downpitched growls and thrumming basstones with all sorts of tactile crunches, hyperventilating breathing, whip-crack bursts of noise, and tea-kettle whining that make for a worthy complement to Raionbashi's horror score.