Psychic Space Invasion
Persepolis Records : CD

Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $11.00

'Thus Ian Holloway, aka Psychic Space Invasion: "I want people to lose the boundaries between the sounds on the record and the sounds in the real world". End of the review (wait a minute, just kidding). A question arises: where did this man listen to "real world" manifestations even vaguely analogous to the ones comprised by this casing? I'd love living in that district. The piece starts with a farfetched slow swelling, a bottomless hum that, little by little, collects the vestiges of our resolve and scatters them all over the place, getting us ready for a tantalizing experience. As the time runs unstoppable, the timbral formation becomes beefy and, at the same time, confusing as assorted misshapen sources are observed at once in the stereo field: not a decipherable one in sight, except perhaps for a chronic "something" that resembles a disembowelled rhythmic chant by a Gregorian choir pulverized by atomic radiations. This lasts quite a while, until the music is completely established and the body has at long last adapted. Now we could go on and on, comfortably and optimistically thrilled; instead the whole ends, 41 minutes flown away like a nightingale. A brilliantly conceived CD needing perseverance, efficient in its scarcity of transitional phases. Might teach a couple of things to many operators in the congested sector of transcendence, a definition that in this particular case implies the existence of a gist, not only gormless words.' - Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

An excellent release from this Welsh drone artist. One that certainly fits next to the darkest from Andrew Chalk and the isolationist work of BJ Nilsen and Thomas Koner. Limited to 200 copies.