Die Propylgruppe
Produkt 01
Petit Mal Music 3"CDR

Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $8.00

Die Propylgruppe is the collaborative effort of R.K. Faulhaber and J.B. Haynes, who had worked in fits and starts together over the past decade within the confines of irr. app. (ext.) and Nurse With Wound. Faulhaber, with his extensive if unpublished wisdom of wooly electronics, and Haynes, with his corrosive take on electro-acoustics, have proved to be nobel foils for each other. A caustic hypnosis of demagnetized static grids the first half of this 20 minute composition spotted with plenty of Schnitzler's Ballet Statique era blorp, with an unstable drone blanketing the second half with frequency oscillations seemingly extracted from the Van Allen Belt. All of this comes to a rather uncharacteristic danse macabre at the jittery coda of analogue bubblebath rhythms.

Yes, the artwork is comprised of a hand-fabricated wooden sleeve and the entire package is limited to 100 copies.