Pale Blue Sky
Shades Of Grey LP

Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $13.00

    Mike Pollard is behind the eternally prescient Arbor Records, and he had produced an impressive amount of material under his own Treetops moniker. Most of the Treetops output had been of the micro-edition variety on cassette or CDR, but Pollard's Pale Blue Sky project did not escape our grasp. Here is a record of endless etherealism that matches both the projects name and the albums title, that of monochromaticism and impressionistically charged minimalism. The album is meant to be played at 45 RPM, a fact that we didn't discover until after listening to it at 33 RPM for about a week nonstop. At the slower speed, a lugubrious shoegazing ethos seems evident as if these were elongated variations based upon the incidental washes from Slowdive's Just For A Day. Certainly nothing to scoff at. At the correct speed, the tones all brighten and drones swoop down from the stratosphere from whence they came. Lovely stuff for sure, at any speed you might play it.