Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $11.00

     Yannick Dauby, Christophe Havard and Hughes Germain concluded their 2004 residency at the Centre d'Art Passerelle in Brest, France with a sound installation / performance which used the resonant frequencies of the building as the source for their piece. The three controlled the oscillations of vibrating devices which rattled heavy chimney and steel doors for low throbbing frequencies. They also manipulated the feedback interplay between loudspeakers, narrowband parabolic microphones for a glistening range of mid- and high range frequencies. As mathematically precise as the spatial positioning of these devices must have been in the installation space, the movement of tones gliding across the audio spectrum enjoys a rich poetry of angelic shimmering and subharmonic heaviness. The psychoacoustic properties are a fascinating point of entry, but the results captured on this disc transcend the process, and are reminscent of similar successes from Christina Kubisch and Stephen Vitiello.