Brendan Murray
Wonders Never Cease
Intransitive CD

Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $12.00

"...the opener "Hymn One" is a beautifully rendered drone, like the hurdy-gurdy fantasies of Oren Ambarchi & Johann Berthling rendered by Eliane Radigue. Subtly shifting tonal centers move cautiously beneath the thick shag, twisting and pitch-bending before releasing some truly head-cleaning scrapes and excoriations. (A lovely reprise closes the record, by the way.) "Seize" seems to shift back and forth, a cantilever at its center, almost like a fixed interval that rocks on top of waves of rumbling electronics. (Somehow, this music always suggests nautical imagery to me.) "Hymn Two" is entirely different, breaking through with a huge multi-layered squall, until something like a post-produced harmonica slices through with high lonesome intensity to begin "Seas." Harmonica tones are stacked and morphed creating the effect of some odd fusion of Harry Partch and Scelsi, with tape machines buckling and clicking along the way until they resolve into a huge shimmering mass garlanded with rain. A superb and oddly emotional record." -- Jason Bivins / Dusted Magazine