Rudiment of Two
Edition Sonoro CD

Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $15.00

"Currently situated in Estonia as his creative outpost, the American sound artist John Grzinich continues an extraordinary set of alchemical investigations through which he renders acoustical sounds as mercurial abstractions. Taken as a whole, Grzinich’s sound operates in the long-form theatre of the drone; but each of his recordings, in particular his most recent offering Rudiments of Two, expresses rich albeit subtle complexities when penetrating beyond his deliberately placed shadows. He begins with field recordings (rain, water, and wind seem the likely culprits) and the sounds of objects being agitated (a photograph of ornately bulbous glass vases points to such an object). Out of these, Grzinich extracts slippery frequencies, which gently undulate into graceful sweeps and then plunge into numbingly cold passages of nocturnal ambience. Punctuated by reprisals of the original sources often in repeating cycles at lengthy intervals, these elongated timbres engage in a slow-motion tumble that is anything but static, resulting in a spellbinding dislocation of time and space not unlike that of Richard Chartier or Jonathan Coleclough." - Helen Scarsdale