jgrzinich / mnortham
The Absurd Evidence
Bobby J / Orogenetics CD

Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $13.00

     This collaboration between the nomadic sound artists John Grzinich and Michael Northam had been published nearly a decade ago; and it's an album that seems to have quickly disappeared for whatever reason. So when we had stumbled across a copy, we had assumed that The Absurd Evidence had been out of print for many years, and we had actually approached Mr. Northam about reissuing the album based upon the strength of the recordings themselves. Mr. Northam graciously directed us to the former proprietors of Bobby J records, who still had copies on hand. The Absurd Evidence is a fantastic document of manipulated objects cast within the sonic environments of abandoned spaces with a fine selection of Radigue / Chalk drone research extracted out of the tactile elements. Grzinich and Northam effortlessly manifest an electrically charged minimalism, where the tactile crunch of rock, brick, and sand snap into focus against the unsettled ambience generated from magnetic field disturbances.
     We have long held the work of Grzinich and Northam in high esteem; but this album stands out as their finest.