Jim Haynes
The Wires Cracked
Editions Mego LP

Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $20.00

A corrosive album of electro-acoustics, accumulated drone, and existential tension, The Wires Cracked couldn't have found a better home than on Editions Mego. It's certainly the most caustic album produced to date by the 'rusting artist' Jim Haynes. The album's three tracks weave around an axis of atomization, through metaphor, allusion, and actualization. The album's opening piece "Oscar" offsets a jagged collage of infernal noise with a motorized thrum furthered by the electric palpitations grasped from the ether through wire-tapping microphones. "X-Ray" reprises the aggressive thrust of its predecessor, with the crackle of lightning strafing the ecological din of desert sand-storms before he unfurl a mechanical crescendo culled from the apparatus at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and the Advanced Light Source at UC Berkeley. Haynes accentuates an instability of the molecular as it is driven to self-immolation, spurred by atomic, chemical, or psychic means. The bowed-metal dirge of "November" grinds through a hypnotic arpeggiation whose clamorous staccato collapses in an exhausted swarm of burnt ozone. The residually radiant drone also attenuates into the saddest sound in the world (at least from Haynes' perspective), that of a neglected windscreen failing to perform that which it was designed to do. 

While Editions Mego provides no download codes with this album, those who purchase this album through the Helen Scarsdale Agency will have the option to receive a download directly from us.