Richard Garet & Brendan Murray
Of Distance
Unframed : CD

Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $13.00

    "Richard Garet combines forces with Brendan Murray to release Of Distance – two long form soundscapes that have been some three years in the making. The two pieces, In Parallel, and The Tyranny of Objects are object lessons in subtly contrasting formats and approaches. In Parallel, clocking in at some 27 minutes is a slow-builder, starting out with micro fine sonics, offset with hints and whispers, it slowly and gently builds into a robust edifice, that unintentionally references aspects of the post-industrial movement of the early 90’s, as much of the soundscape here could be the 55Hz hum of electronic equipment, or heavy machinery. The artists here take a drone-laden central theme, underscored with splinters of field recordings, vocals, background noise and the like, and weave an intriguing tapestry of sound. Frequencies slowly swell into the mix, as we traverse dark and earthy tonescapes, that then subside and evaporate, leaving mere traces, and ethereal vapour trails in the higher register. Form and dynamics are very much the watchwords here, as the artists play with elements of tension, increasing and reducing foci to create an engaging and fascinating journey. Whilst In Parallel is a stocky, transitional piece, The Tyranny of Objects is its more silent partner. Here , the duo create a gently shimmering, textural fabric, layering frequencies across the upper, mid and lower range, peppered with audible accretions, various percussive elements, scrapes, whistles, still maintaining a certain darkness, that, once again build and accumulate, reaching critical mass, and then gently dropping away. This is a fine release for a promising young label whose presentation and aesthetic has all the hallmarks of rigorous quality control, and to date, a very fine roster of artists. Highly recommended." BGN / White_Line

Yes, this is an album that the Agency wholeheartedly endorses. Beautifully packaged in a precise letterpressed folio that puts of sloppy printing to shame. Nicely done all around.