Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
The Unlistening Place : CD (Afterdays Media / Helen Scarsdale, 2017)
Revisionist History : CD+DL (Afterdays Media / Helen Scarsdale, 2016)
The Day 1982 Contaminated 1971 : LP (Helen Scarsdale, 2015)
17 Years In Ektachrome : CD (Hand-Held Recordings, 2014)

:zoviet*france: & Fossil Aerosol Mining Project
Patina Pooling : CD (Alt.Vinyl, 2014)

A bundle for all five recordings : $70.00

This bundle represents the all of the available recordings from Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, whose name harkens to the act of rummaging through abandoned warehouses from the American Midwest with crumbled surfaces dappled with graffiti. The remnant waste from all that graffiti was the never-ending supply of crushed and spent spray-paint aerosol cans. So, the punk-scavenger miscreants who would find themselves sifting through the rubbish of those abandoned warehouses in search of a motherlode of 16mm film or reel-to-reel tape machines would undoubtably come across countless, discarded cans. Quite a poetic allusion for this tape-heavy Mining Project.

FAMP cycles through a myriad of sympathetic loops, each of which harbors its own patter of delay, lending to a complex web of crumbling sound furthered along by backward tapes of textural scrabblings and iridescent drones. This network of eerie, diaphanous sounds and hypnotizingly soft-focus rhythms which may have their origins in a thoroughly forgotten fragment of a song, whose content was wholly lost to the magnetic erasures, dubbing-upon-dubbing-upon-dubbing, and / or the bacterial decay which flecked away the ferric oxide leaving behind an entirely different set of chemical stains. What's left is just a shadow of whatever emotion might have been imprinted onto the tape. It's a beautiful coagulation of sound.

Their work's closest neighbor is to the British Isle in :zoviet*france:, making their sporadic, but ongoing collaboration a perfect match.

Some of these albums are available individually from the agency's website. Some are currently not. And that may remedied in the near future. This bundle deal is sold as is.