Chrystal Belle Scrodd
Belle du Jour
Klang GalerieCD

Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $18.00

When Diana Rogerson met Steven Stapleton in the early '80s, she had already established herself within the performance art duo Fistfuck, often dubbed the female Whitehouse for their the S&M rituals, transgressive films, and seething noise constructions. As their relationship blossomed both creatively and romantically, Rogerson began to foster her own aesthetic that flourished within the aural psychosis of Stapleton's Nurse With Wound. With the assistance of Stapleton, Karl Blake, and Robert Haigh, she recorded two albums in the mid '80s under her pseudonym Chrystal Belle Scrodd that push the NWW eccentric collage techniques closer to the realms of art-brut rock. The centerpiece to Belle De Jour is the slapstick romp of "Deadroads / A Gothic Western" with a jaunty loop of some unknown '60s go-go bubblegum riff, splattered with spidery guitars and Rogerson's post-apocalyptic narrative that showcases her wide assortment of theatrical barks, rasps, screams, and actual melodies.A welcome reissue from Rogerson's tremendous body of work.