Tim Catlin
Slow Twitch
Dr. Jim's Record CD

Available through the Helen Scarsdale Agency: $16.00

Tim Catlin's Slow Twitch initially suggests misaligned machines, their rattling bolts struggling to hold everything together while the torque of the engines slowly unscrews itself to its own demise. However, this Australian sound artist has realised an impressive trompe l'oreille charming an arsenal of prepared guitars to mimic the environmental clatter of an archaic air compressor or a grizzled refrigeration unit or whatever obnoxious machine came to hand that never quite works. Fans, e-bows and customised automatons keep his guitar strings in constant motion, building dense layers of rapidfire clinkings and glistening magnetic disturbances. Slow Twitch resonates with the conceptual self-propulsion of Paul Panhuysen's robotic guitar ensembles, blurring lines between metal machine music and holy minimalism.